Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Ikea Tarva Hack, diy Hand Painted Dresser

I needed a small dresser, and was unable to find what I wanted at the thrift stores I visited, so I decided to try Ikea. The Tarva dresser was the right price, and a great canvas. I had myself a weekend project. Little did I know how much work I was getting into.

Painted a white frame about 2 inches in from the edges.

Marked it lightly with pencil.

I used painters tape 2 inches from the edge to create a frame, being very careful to keep the tape off of the pencil line.

Here are the drawer and sides of the dresser taped and ready for paint.

I left out pictures of the hours it took to assemble the dresser. 
Whew a, what a pain in the a$$!
Here is the dresser before the final touches.

I measured and taped where I wanted the vines to be, then freestyled the leaves

I picked up the knobs at Hobby Lobby...and it's done! I feel like I played it a little safe with these colors, but all in all, I'm happy with it. 

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