Saturday, April 20, 2013

Threads Textile Studio at the Denver Museum of Art

I've been crazy busy during the last 3 months preparing for the Spun exhibition  and the Threads Textile Studio at the Denver Museum of Art. I am honored to have several pieces of embroidered art included in the permanent exhibition in the textile studio.

This first piece is embroidery on wood, titled Mothership. The language is Sindarin, an elvish dialect (JRR Tolkien) and it is written in an elvish script called Tengwar. The word emilchair in Sindarin translates to mothership in English.

It is a wooden cabinet door that I stained with both jade green wood stain and green tea wood stain (frame). I then added a two part crackle medium. Once it was dry I rubbed brown oil paint into the cracks to age the wood. Hundreds of holes were then drilled into the wood, lastly the door was embroidered using a large needle and a chunky acrylic yarn.

The next piece is called Love the Hare. A small piece of toile from Spoonflower fabric designer Peacoquette. I added fun details to these well loved literary characters...

Lastly comes Peacock, an Art Nouveau inspired applique and embroidered work. This piece showcases many different types of embroidery stitches.

The new textile exhibition opens on May 19th, 2013...

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